Tectonic Plate Boundaries

The lithosphere is divided into tectonic plates (im) that move, albeit very slowly, in relation to each other – converging, diverging, riding over/under one another, and sliding past one another.

type of boundary

associated phenomena and structures

converging plates

arc-continent (ocean-ocean)volcanic island arc, volcanoes, submarine trench, folding and faulting, subduction zone
ocean-continentsubmarine trench, magmatic arc, folding and faulting, subduction zone
continent-continentfolding and faulting, orogeny

diverging plates

ocean-oceanmid-ocean ridges (spreading centers, im, Iceland), volcanoes
continent-continentrift valleys, volcanoes

subduction zones

arc-continent volcanic island arcs, very deep earthquakes
ocean-continentvolcanic chains, very deep earthquakes

transform-boundary faults (im)

ocean-oceanshallow earthquakes, strike-slip faults
continent-continentshallow earthquakes, strike-slip faults

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