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Section · Photosynthesis : ·· Z-scheme of noncyclic photophosphorylation  Section · Metabolism : ·· autotroph ·· Denitrification ·· chemoautotroph chemoheterotroph chemolithotroph ··  Expasy Wall Chart ·· heterotroph ·· lithotroph  Nitrogen cycle ·· noncyclic photophosphorylation ·· photoautotroph photoheterotroph phototroph ··  Trophism ·· Z-scheme of noncyclic photophosphorylation ··   Images posted on the Companion Sites are in the public domain or have been created by the site author. The Companion Sites also have links to animations and images within the 'at' items and within other relevant items:  Site Cell Biology : chloroplast at chloroplast : chromosome at chromosomes : endoplasmic reticulum at endoplasmic reticulum : Golgi apparatus at Golgi apparatus : ion channel at ion channels : mitochondrion at mitochondrion : nuclear pore complex at nuclear pore : plant cell at plant cell : timeline of life : vacuoles :  Site Chemistry of Life : alternative splicing at alternative splicing : base excision repair at base excision repair : chromosome at chromosome : RNA codon at codon : exon at exon : intron at intron : intron-exon junctions at splice-site : open reading frame at open reading frame : pre-mRNA splicing at pre-mRNA splicing : promoters at promoters : splice site at splice-site : tRNA at tRNA : phospholipid at phospolipid : protein at proteins :  Site Cyanobacteria : structure of cyanobacterium at The Cyanobacteria : chlorophylls a and b at Photochemistry : Bacteria-Archaea-Eukarya tree at Phylogenetic relationships : Archaea-Eocyte Trees at Phylogenetic relationships :  Site Eubacteria & Archaea : bacterial structure at Prokaryote structure : bacterial shapes at Taxonomy and Phylogeny : endosymbiotic transfer events at Taxonomy and Phylogeny : Archaea-Eocyte trees at Taxonomy and Phylogeny : 16s rRNA phylogenetic tree at Taxonomy and Phylogeny : : arrangement bacterial flagellae at Bacterial motility : conjugation 1 at Conjugation : conjugation 2 at Conjugation : conjugation 3 at Conjugation : endosymbiotic transfer events at Symbiosis : structure Cyanobacterium at Cyanobacteria :  Site Evo Devo : alternative splicing at alternative splicing :  Site Mechanisms of Evolution : insertion at Insertion : inversion at Inversion : recombination at Recombination : 1:2:1 punnet at Mendel's Laws : 2 x 2 punnet at Mendel's Laws : 4 x 4 punnet at Mendel's Laws : 9:3:3:1 punnet at Mendel's Laws :  Site Origin of Life : "Hadean world" at Before the Beginning :  Site Paleogeology : "Hadean world" at Hadean : Timeline Earth at Timeline Earth Life : Site Photosynthesis : C-3 cycle at C-3 : Calvin cycle at C-3 : Cyanobacterial structure at Cyanobacterial cell : plant cell at Plant cell : chloroplast at Chloroplast : chlorosome at Chlorosomes : Timeline at Timeline : absorption spectrum chlorophylls carotenoids and absorption spectra with phycocyanins at Pigments and absorption spectra : antenna and reaction center at Antenna and Reaction Center : bacteriochlorophlly a at Bacteriochlorophylls : chlorophll a and b at Chlorophylls and accessory pigments : Carotenoids :  Site Serial Endosymbiosis : endosymbiotic transfers at Endosymbiotic transfers : primary endosymbiosis mitochondrion at Diagrams of proposed mechanism of SET : primary endosymbiosis chloroplast at Diagrams of proposed mechanism of SET :  Site Taxonomy Phylogeny : Archaea-Eocyte trees at Archaea Eocyte Tree : bacterial morphology at Bacteria : endosymbiotic transfer events at Endosymbiotic transfer events :

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List of Tables .. alphabetic ·· items may be listed more than once ·· Section · Cell Adhesion and Signaling  Cell Adhesion Molecules  Cell signaling  Complement Receptors  Cytokines  Fc receptors  Immune Cytokines  Immunoglobulins  Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (RTKs)  Receptor Signal Transduction  Second Messengers  Scavenger Receptors  Toll-like Receptors  Section · Cell Biology :  Apoptosis vs Necrosis  Apoptosis  Malignant Transformation  Oncogenes Proto-oncogenes .  Section · Chemistry  Bond Energy  Section · Geology :  Elemental Composition of Crust  Flood Basalts and Stratigraphic Boundaries  Geological Time Overview  Geological Time  Lagerstätten & Biota  Minerals & Rocks: Carbonates  Minerals & Rocks: Evaporates, Sulphates  Minerals & Rocks: Metamorphic  Minerals & Rocks: Oxides  Radiometric Dating  Tectonic Plate Boundaries  Volcanoes  Weathering of Minerals  Section · Immunology :  Complement Receptors  Cytokines  Fc receptors  Immunoglobulins  Interferons  Scavenger Receptors  Toll-like Receptors  Section · Lipids :  Eicosanoid Actions  lipoproteins  saturation of triacylglygerols  Scavenger Receptors Section · Logic : Truth table for implication Section · Metabolism :  Electron Transport vs Oxidative Phosphorylation  Enzymes Cofactors of Krebs Cycle  Section · Molecular Genetics :  Gene Regulation in E.coli  Genotype Variability  Regulatory Proteins Sequences .  Section · Neoplasia  Malignant Transformation  Oncogenes Proto-oncogenes  Section · Photosynthesis :  Comparison of Photosynthesis and Respiration  Comparison of plant and bacterial photosynthesis . Section · Prokaryotes :  Cell walls of Prokaryotes ·· electron acceptors  Electron acceptors for respiration and methanogenesis in prokaryotes ·· Embden-Meyerhof ·· Entner-Doudoroff ··  gene regulation in E.coli : glycolysis  Glycolysis in bacteria ·· lithotrophs  Lithotrophic prokaryotes ·· methanogenesis ·· phosphoketolase ·· respiration ·· bacterial photosynthesis  gene regulation in E.coli  Receptors  Cell Adhesion Molecules  Cell signaling  Complement Receptors  Fc receptors  Receptor Tyrosine Kinases (RTKs)  Receptor Signal Transduction  Second Messengers  Scavenger Receptors  Toll-like Receptors

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